MFam Pride

LGBTQ+ Representation and Gaming Panel at RAGECon!

We are all about inclusive and representative spaces in gaming and creative hobbies. Everyone should be able to engage and enjoy their fandoms, games, hobbies, pastimes, and creative passions in spaces and groups that embrace individual expression and inclusivity. Where …

MFam Pride

Collaborations this year at RAGECon!

Mythical Family is working with a handful of folks this year to bring fun and shenanigans to RAGECon with us. We are organizing two separate panel events and a third event that will be a performance style game of wacky …

RAGECon 2023!!

We are super excited to be gearing up for RAGECon this year! We have lots of things planned for the weekend – so much so that we still don’t know what all we will be able to pull off just …

Gaslands Game – Arena of Death: Volatile Neighbors

Everyone poured into the middle of the arena and started exchanging fire. I had my mortar car sandbag a little and hold back by going around. In the middle the heavy truck and my buggy shot up one of the rocket trucks which then decided to go melee with my buggy.
And hilarity ensued.

Gaslands Game – Arena of Death: Personal Space.

Realizing he had to keep more distance than he was allowing for, Zappa romped the throttle again, but this time the dice goblins weren’t with him. Zappa wound up going full throttle out of control and flipping into the fence just in time for those molotovs to make a hot mess of what was left of the car and crew.