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The Mythical Family is a close knit group of people who support diversity, equality, safe spaces, and the love and creativity of our shared gaming experience. We are the ultimate geeks and nerds and can't wait to welcome more members! Join our Discord server to get to know people, also subscribe to our Youtube channel to get our latest content. Here on the website check out  some of our latest Gaslands Game Reports and our events calender and live Discord info.

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Families that adventure together get lost... I mean stay together. We love to explore, camp, road trip and more. Share our adventures with us here or on our social media!


All things gaming, geeky, nerdy and fun! We range from TTRPGs, PC, Console, VR, and Tabletop boardgaming. We get together weekly (try to!) and hang out and socialize regularly. We also host community game events, classes, and more!
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We are a unique and blended family. Our journey hasn't been easy, and that's what we want to share with you. Learning how to communicate, love, and accept one another and ourselves is our goal. We hope you feel at home with us too! We love our community and strive to give back with charity events, community events, and online safe spaces. Contact us to find out more and how we can work together!

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Gaslands Game – Arena of Death: Volatile Neighbors

Everyone poured into the middle of the arena and started exchanging fire. I had my mortar car sandbag a little and hold back by going around. In the middle the heavy truck and my buggy shot up one of the rocket trucks which then decided to go melee with my buggy. And hilarity ensued.

Gaslands Game – Arena of Death: Personal Space.

Realizing he had to keep more distance than he was allowing for, Zappa romped the throttle again, but this time the dice goblins weren't with him. Zappa wound up going full throttle out of control and flipping into the fence just in time for those molotovs to make a hot mess of what was left of the car and crew.