Pomp, Circumstance, and Balderdash at RAGECon!!

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In another collaborative event with local geeky-group Mythic Geekdom and our friends from the Twitch channel Andromeda Adventures, we will be putting on a game in front of an audience. Come join in the revelry and utter silliness of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen! (By James Wallis, published by Fantasy Flight Games and Hogshead Publishing).

Laughs and shenanigans start at 7:00pm Saturday!

This is an improv game of outrageous bragging, absurdly tall tales, competitive one-upmanship, and dastardly tripped up details! All players will be dressed and in-character to play roles of pompous nobles or characters of notoriety from eras gone by. Each will share tales of their adventures that are sure to delight, entertain, be unabashedly grandiose, while also being entirely preposterous! And more than that: entirely unknown to the story teller until one of their fellow tale-spinners provides them with the absurd prompt to start the story. While the story is being told (and surely NOT being made up right on the spot!) the other players at the table can slide a coin to the story teller to 'remind them of a detail they once heard' regarding this story, and the story teller might have to work that new random detail into the tale they are telling.

This is an amazing game of lighthearted fun and stammering improved shenanigans. Come watch the good times and hear the (literally) unbelievable exploits of our table of strange characters. Audience participation and input for prompts might happen during the game as well.

Mythical Family presented this game at RAGECon last year and had a great time of it. With a bigger cast of characters and some incredibly creative and hysterical folks collaborating with us this year it's sure to be amazing. Come join the fun! Laughs, pshaws, and eyerolls are sure to be abound. And between now and the convention, please check out all of our Twitch channels and catch up on prior streams from all of us over on Youtube.