Collaborations this year at RAGECon!

Published by MFAdmin on

Mythical Family is working with a handful of folks this year to bring fun and shenanigans to RAGECon with us. We are organizing two separate panel events and a third event that will be a performance style game of wacky improv and crazy stories! Helping make all of that possible are members of the local area groups Mythic Geekdom and Reno Dungeon Crawlers, as well as members of our Twitch channel-friend Andromeda Adventures!

More news on all these events will be coming up as details get ironed out. If you have not heard of these other groups until now, go check them out. They are all great organizations, and have been incredible to work with - without exception. With their collaboration we are hoping to level-up the events and good time we are bringing to RAGECon.

Mythic Geekdom - https://www.mythicgeekdom.com/

Reno Dungeon Crawlers - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1780916048857525

Andromeda Adventures - https://www.twitch.tv/andromeda_adventures