TTRPGs: Worlds, Systems, Genres, Scales, And Options!

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Mythical Family will be accompanied by members of local gaming community Reno Dungeon Crawlers, local content creators Big Sword, and professional GM Frosty from Twitch channel Andromeda Adventures, to host a gaming discussion panel at RAGECon. This panel of gamers is familiar with many diverse TTRPG systems and genres. Join us for a discussion about tabletop gaming with an emphasis on games outside of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, and gaming genres outside of high fantasy. Systems will be compared, experiences shared, and mechanics discussed. We will talk about the spectrum of lite-to-crunchy TTRPGs and share the pros and cons from our own experiences trying these games.

We will also discuss various gaming safety systems, their real value, and how/when/where/whether to implement them. As a group we have a great deal of experience with trying, mixing, and matching many the safety systems that have come out. Discussing the differences with implementation of these safety devices in in-person vs. remote/online games will be talked about as well.

The universe of TTRPGs is wide, diverse, and varied. If you have ever wondered about some of the other games out there - the other systems, other settings, other ways to play - but have not had a chance to explore them, come join us! We have given ourselves enough of a window to engage with audience questions as well as shared experiences with the topics at hand.

The panel starts at 10am on Saturday and we have the room for two hours to ensure we can engage the audience and take questions. Sign up and come talk nerdy with us!