Gaslands Game – Arena of Death: Volatile Neighbors

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The Game: Arena of Death scenario, 50 cans per team, sponsors live, no audience votes.

Our Game: We had planned to have 5 players including myself, and I set up for a game of Monster Truck Smash. I planned to used an Idris truck with just nitro shots to chase everyone around. 🙂 But we had two last minute cancellations, so we adjusted. The decision was just a three way free for all arena of death with 50 cans. The arena was set up fairly open, and with heavy construction vehicles in the corners that were intended to be places the cars could hide from Monster Truck up-and-over, so it made for a very fast arena of death. Weapons were firing and there were casualties by gear two.

The Contestants: I dont have the usual break down for the cars on the table this time. I usually insist that every vehicle have a name (house rule) and I like to collect the dashboards for the write ups, but this game really just fell together and happened quickly enough that not all the usual formalities were followed. So I only have some basic information for this write up. It wont really matter, because as you will see, the game went very fast.

Team One: Was a single heavy truck with an HMG, and an improvised sludge thrower lobbing RC car bombs.

Team Two: Was a pair of Rutherford sponsored trucks with molotovs, side mounted rockets (which were a surprise) and powder keg perks.

Team Three: Was my team. I opted for two buggies with MGs, and a car with molotovs and two mortars - which I foolishly put front and rear rather than having them fire the same direction.

This was a quick and tragic game that was nothing more than a comedy of catastrophe, so I'm going to just summarize the event this time and get to sharing the pics of the mess we created.

I decided to send my buggies as a team after the Rutherford trucks, hoping to get some 2v1 shots on one of his trucks while the other truck engaged the heavy truck coming straight towards them. The Rutherford trucks got stuck with a spin and slide in gear two and used it to get broadside to my buggy. One rocket hit did all 6 hull to my buggy in one shot eliminating it. I broke my other buggy off after finding out that's how the trucks were loaded.

Everyone poured into the middle of the arena and started exchanging fire. I had my mortar car sandbag a little and hold back by going around. In the middle the heavy truck and my buggy shot up one of the rocket trucks which then decided to go melee with my buggy.
And hilarity ensued.

Orange truck wrecks, and explodes huge. Utterly annihilating my poor buggy, catching the heavy truck in the blast. Also catching his own teammate (the green truck), wrecking it - causing it to roll forward and also powder keg it up - damaging the heavy truck more and stacking it to 8 hazards. While my car narrowly escapes the chaos.

It was not enough to take out the heavy truck though, and the timing of the wipeout didn't cost the heavy truck any turns. So it turned it's attention to the only remaining opponent: my poor mortar car.

I tried throwing it in reverse and getting behind some terrain to capitalize on the mortar's indirect fire ability - but the chase was sadly very short. The truck closed the gap, flung and RC car bomb at me and that was enough to finish off the car - which of course also exploded with all that ammo in it...

Winner by just seconds - Team One with the heavy truck. 🎉
Then everything was over except the paperwork and wrecker-trucks.

The heavy truck suffered some serious abuse. Everything around it kept exploding like some bad joke, and in the end it was just enough for the event to go TPK. 🤣
It was not the game we had all planned for, but everyone still had a good time - even if it wound up feeling like a potato-sack race through a live minefield.

More battle reports coming soon. Mythical Family is in the process of moving and building out our streaming studio. We plan to record and maybe stream Gaslands matches when we're fully up and running. Until then battle reports like this will continue when we can squeak in games. Follow us on Twitch and Youtube if you'd like to show your support. It's free and it helps us. 🙂
Until next time, Wastelanders: throttle open, safeties off. Have fun, play games, grind gears, collect hazards, and stay at least a medium template away from your neighbors! 🔥🚧