We started as a family idea at the beginning of 2018, then in 2019 we started a blog for our adventures and I incorporated a company, and now we’re here! We have grown into a community of incredible people hence the name Mythical Family. Our diversity and inclusion is what sets us apart, as we truly believe in each other. We are made up of all kinds of exceptional humans and we proudly support people of color, diversity, LGBTQIA+, all amazing Allies, and those who do good in the world for others.

Mythical Family loves everything from gaming & tabletop role-playing to exploring and outdoor adventures. Expect a lot of laughs and fun as we live life together. Mythical Family is very community-oriented. We are a safe space and don’t tolerate hate!

Please note we don’t generally make content for kids, and while most of our stuff is family-friendly there may be game reviews/streams/videos/events that contain simulated violence/adult language/adult content. We also do a lot of crafting, 3D printing, and artistic creation. We love streaming our incredible Dungeons and Dragons games along with the gazillion other systems and genres, like Cyberpunk and Aliens, that our talented GMs host. Boardgames are a massive favorite as are tabletop games like Gaslands! We have it all! Discord, Twitch, all the socials.. where ever you like to hang out, rest assured the Mythical Family community is there. We are working hard at bringing our vision to life of having an actual community studio to host games, events nights, community charity events, one shots, podcast streaming, and more!

We love the communities that surround these hobbies and hope you’ll join us. Mythical Family also believes in giving back! Routinely we will pick charities/organizations to give to. Thank you so much for visiting our happy corner of the world! Subscribe to our channels or blog and be notified as new awesome content gets added!


Mythical Family ™ Like Family, but Legendary ™

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