LGBTQ+ Representation and Gaming Panel at RAGECon!

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Mythical Family - Like Family But Legendary

We are all about inclusive and representative spaces in gaming and creative hobbies. Everyone should be able to engage and enjoy their fandoms, games, hobbies, pastimes, and creative passions in spaces and groups that embrace individual expression and inclusivity. Where all that matters is the shared creative energy and the joy of being nerdy about the games, characters, genres, costumes and crafts, and stories that we love! Inclusivity and representation in the community is vital to that! As is inclusivity and inclusion in the industries that feed all those creative and nerdy things we get excited about.

Mythical Family will present a panel at RAGECon to discuss LGBTQ+ representation in TTRPGs and gaming more broadly. Come hear from members of the community about such topics as the importance of representation; changes in writing and visuals; and how to create safe spaces for exploration and learning through gaming. Come talk with us and learn how you or your players can be supported in these creative spaces and where inclusivity is shining the brightest in the gaming and fandom industries.

These are topics that Mythical Family is passionate about, and we expect that most folks that would sit and attend the talk likely will be as well. Recognizing that, we will need to keep to the topic of gaming and fandom hobbies, avoiding larger discussions of politics and related current events. We do not downplay the urgency and relevance of those discussions - it is simply not the topic for this panel on this day. We want to discuss visibility and LGBTQ+ representation in gaming as well as the trends and changes in it recently. Come join us for that! Hear our experiences and observations and share some of your own! Everyone willing to participate respectfully is welcome, not just LGBTQ+ Community members. The plan is to share and build understanding in our local gaming community. Please come join us even if just to show support to fellow gamers! The panel is set for 3:00pm Saturday.