2021 uh… what the heck are we doing?

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Hello Fam!!!! Mythical Family 2021 update!

Yes. It's been over a year since I last blogged. Lists and lists of excited posts and topics and hastily scrawled ideas on paper scraps all went by the way of Covid 19, nursing during the pandemic, homeschooling (or not? or wait.. yeah?.. ), quarantining (thanks nursing), losses and so much heavy.

I know you guys lived it too. So that's all 2020 gets from me. A passing disgruntled glare. Now we are into 2021. NO. Keep reading. Zero politics is coming. I'm going to recap a few incredible amazing blessings we did have in 2020 and then tell ya where we are going.

So first things first, like beginning of the year first, our love of the great outdoors, a crazy ridiculous accident on ice and a ravine, and my incredible Joe knowing to drive straight to Jeep the day "we were just gonna look at a few and test drive, get an idea"... led to us now having a new family member!! Meet Syrrn The Jeep. She's a Bikini 2020 JLU Sahara Wrangler. Read: Mermaid blue jeep with four doors and a great sound system.. among other things... LOL

She's got an instagram that when we can travel more and explore more is going to be full of great wide open spaces and jeep trails. @SyrrnTheJeep is her insta. We worked hella hard in 2019 to get to where we started 2020 at and I'm so grateful for her. Like humbled greatful.

The kids have been stoic, brave, and challenged like never before. My heart breaks for all the things that went upside for them. However, I'm so beyond proud of who they stood up to be and how they handled the epic crapton of ugly thrown at them during 2020. Some of their highlights however are just awesome and that's what we are going to focus on. Kai started streaming his VR adventures on Twitch. His channel is called KysenRR. He and his buddies actually got to stream with a few very cool people. Kai made it onto YouTube on one of them. It was hysterical. He has forged ahead in percussion as well. We are proud of him as it's been neigh impossible to get instruction virtually maybe once per week. It's hard to practice what someone isn't showing you. He ended with phenomenal grades from hard work and dedication. Way to go buddy, that was a hard hard road.

Peanut girl has been working and developing her art over the year. She has reached some incredible heights with a few new pieces. She's also had some huge successes in her HROTC this year with some promotions. We set up her Redbubble and I can't wait to release the link to you guys as she gets her art up. YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY. It's beautiful. She is also working on some socials (insta etc.) for her own studio. Those will be linked as soon as she finalizes what direction she wants the studio to go in. More on that to come. I cannot wait for her realize some of her art dreams and see these things come to fruition.

Now comes one of the fun parts that I will forever and ever hold dear to my heart. As you may know, if you follow our YouTube (that's another story, it's coming) I happen to be a total Click Clack, Math Rock, Shiny hoarding-all-of-the-dice Goblin. We regularly do unboxings of rare dice, Kraken Dice, first releases, unreleased beauties, and more. Well ... again the love of my life knows me better than I know myself and he set up the perfect surprise one random day in the summer. There will be a video up on our channel of it. It's actually really funny. But he staged the most incredible unboxing that ended with the shiniest of shiny rocks and happy tear filled yes. We got ENGAGED *heart eyes*. As Mythical Family we committed to raising our brood together to be compassionate, kind, productive humans. Now we get to add a wedding to that and I get to be the official MRS DADTHULHU. Cool ring to it eh? The kids knew as he asked them prior to the big surprise. It all happened under the guise of a special unboxing sent to us by none other than the mighty Kraken Dice. Brian, Diana, Aaron... you guyssssss I can't thank you enough. Still. There was censorship needed as each surprise led to confusion and actual shock... totally forgot I was even on camera and filming (yeah I lost track of center of frame also LMAO). The video will be fun to watch.

I have been in school full time this whole time at the University of Nevada Reno, Orvis School of Nursing. But... aren't I already a nurse? Yes I am. Here is where the eyeroll (first one) hits. See I have a BS in Psych already. I have an A. Science Nursing also (hence the board certification and RN etc). However to get to ANP (nurse practitioner) I have to have a BSN!! yes I know...(next eyeroll) so anyways. This past fall semester, while covid nursing full time, I also completed my graduate semester for my BSN and GRADUATED BABY. DONE. That was hard and beyond frustrating. But it also changed my life and here's what happened...

I had a research project to do that was interwoven between two classes. This was a university level research project. As in I had to define population, aggregate pop, gather data, extrapolate.. all that jazz. Well I chose nurses. I don't know why. I just didn't want to duplicate community health nursing work we were already doing in another ongoing project and it just seemed interesting. What I found out changed my life. I studied and surveyed hundreds and hundreds of nurses from all types, ages, genders, stages of nursing... to find out how well are nurses healing? Whose helping them heal? After the worst year in history for us as nurses, how are we recovering from the vast wounds we acquired. I found out we weren't, aren't and no one is focusing on it.

So.... I did what I usually do and said hey. Let's do TONS of fulltime endeavors at the same time. I launched a business and built a community, solely focused on teaching nurses the art of healing themselves. Specifically focused and curated to the unique needs and aspects of the nurse as professional and person. It's called The Code Team. There will be links here and there, and you can find us on Facebook TheCodeTeamFB. If you're a nurse and reading this.. GET IN THE FACEBOOK group. It will change your life.

The love of my life and FIANCEE... (so cool... am I annoying yet?) has been doing what he does best and keeping this family together, safe, afloat, successful, happy, and loved. He has been doing some amazing gaming with the Legendary Action crew as friends. We are actually releasing a video series from a tabletop gaming session using the new rules set for Aliens, from Fria Ligan. That will be of course on our YouTube channel as well. At the end of the year he started with a new cool tech company and loves it. Currently he is gearing up to head into video editing with me on the Mythical Family channel as we are getting ready to ramp up content production and creation.

So that takes us all the way into January and this new year. Yeah, this post sounds like a brag session. It's not the purpose. We just all need... something good. To hold on to, to remember, to focus on. Or the tidal wave of 2020 just might sink us all. I suggest you guys do the same. Heck get on our Facebook post when this publishes and tell us all about your wins. Brag away and we will cheer so freaking loudly for you. Comment here and tell us. We want to hear the good, we want to help you find joy, we want to help you heal as we do. All of our love, geekies, and mythical kisses....

Mythical Family

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